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LinkedIn auctions off its display banner ads for desktop

LinkedIn has officially begun auctioning off its banner ads. The majority of which consist of horizontal leaderboard adverts as well as right-rail banners. This is done through real-time desktop-only bidding exchanges that allow advertisers to get programmatic access to these banners. 

As LinkedIn’s banner business took a turn for the worse in the first quarter of 2016, the company’s ad revenue declined by as much as 10 per cent. The desktop display adverts from LinkedIn have always been a supplementary revenue, just like other social networking sites such as...

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Five Efficient Strategies For Managing Data Overload
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Data overload can have a crippling effect on individuals. Businesses that efficiently manage the flow of data become better at serving their customers. These five strategies will help you improve efficiency in data collection and analysis.

1. Identify Your Team's Most Important KPI
Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) show whether your company is achieving results. Senior management drives your company's agenda, so it is important to take their priorities into account. Once they know which KPI they look at primarily when determining their success, you can focus on tracking that.

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Twitter’s New Dashboard Simplifies Tweeting for Businesses

Twitter has released a new Dashboard tool that helps business navigate through the site. There have been complaints in the past concerning the complexity of the social networking site for new users. Twitter provides an opportunity for companies to reach a wide target market, but finding the right way to capitalise on it has always escaped many entrepreneurs. With the social media market growing dramatically, it has become necessary for Twitter to reinvent itself to suit business needs. This Dashboard aims to reduce the learning necessary for companies to adapt to Twitter marketing. It is...

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Digital Channels dominate among the young population
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In this fragmented media environment, marketers ought to test the types of media to ensure their efficacy in advertising projects; the media that has a large number of desired audiences is thereafter chosen. Though traditional TV still holds a huge audience, it seems to have lost the much-coveted segment of the population; the 18 to 49-year-olds.

According to a report released by Nielsen, traditional TV advertising is still powerful and relevant; commanding the better part of the daily media time. It further states that an average adult in the US spends four and half hours on TV while...

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How Will Brexit Effect the Marketing Industry?
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The political world reeled after the British voting public voted in favour of leaving the European Union. Questions as to what this means financially, socially and philosophically have been shooting backwards and forwards for weeks now, but all we can be sure of is, the world is in for some serious changes.

What Initial Impact Will This Have Financially?

The media industry is a typically international one so any significant changes to trading laws between countries and economic areas will inevitably have a knock on effect for the it. Just this week we have seen a massive drop in the value...

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Facebook Lifts Limits on Advertising with the Audience Network
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As there are currently more than two billion users accessing social media sites such as Facebook each day, it should come as no surprise that advertisements have always been a key portion of revenue generation. However, Facebook limited such ads to only those who had existing accounts in the past. This is all about to change thanks to a new algorithm known as the Audience Network.

Following Suit?

This move comes on the heels of recent changes made to SERP guidelines at Google. As further refinements are required within the online marketing community, it seems that if Facebook is now...

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Modern Search Tools for Your Modern Enterprise
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There is no doubt that optimised and catchy content plays key roles in terms of appealing to a specific audience. Unfortunately, failing to take advantage of the tools offered within a search engine results page (SERP) is similar to constructing a billboard behind a large mountain. The best content in the world will fail to produce a return on investment if your marketing strategy does not take advantage of the latest SERP tools offered. 

Features to Consider

Although static search results were sufficient a handful of years ago, this is no longer the case. Google has added in some...

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Pepperoni: The New Tool for Mobile Developers
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Mobile developers can now get a slice of help from Pepperoni, a tool that presents a layout for cross-platform app development. This tool is built on a firm foundation using latest architecture and top industry practices. Pepperoni together with React Native JavaScript framework by Facebook work as one to come up with apps for iOS and Android. 

The core of this amazing tool is an implementation of the Redux state container for JavaScript, supported with libraries such as redux-loop and immutable. Developers are additionally coming up with a modular app skeleton that has capabilities...

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Analytics Soon to be Available on Instagram

It's known that Instagram tests an analytics programme called Insights at the moment and the detailed information provided might be of immense use to marketing and data professionals. The Later blog has posted a comprehensive review of the new Insights programme and it's sure to be popular with marketing executives, particularly when combined with Instagram's new Business Profiles service, which is also in test stages at this moment. 

Each Instagram Business Profile provides a chart icon with analytics so it's easy to access follower demographics....

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A brief overview of SHA-1 certificate and why it will be removed soon
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A few weeks ago, Microsoft and Google announced they will no longer support sites that secure their traffic through SHA-1 certficate. This is as part of an Internet-wide campaign to dispose of weaker encryption, meaning Internet Explorer will stop displaying the lock icon on websites that depend on SHA-1 certificate. 

The letters SHA in SHA-1 stand for Secure Hash Algorithm. To put it simply, SHA-1 is a core component consisting of various technologies that are used to encrypt Internet data transmissions. Because SHA-1 has over the years become extremely weak in protecting online...

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