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How to Advertise on YouTube
Thumb youtube marketing

YouTube is the largest video sharing service on the internet. It receives about a billion users every month, making it one of the best platforms to market your products and services. Launching and optimising your video campaign is not as complicated as you think. Just follow these steps to create a high-quality YouTube ad video:


1. Create a YouTube Account

The first step is to create a YouTube account. Since the service is currently part of Google, you can sign in with your Gmail, and link it to your AdWords account. To do this, go to the ‘Linked YouTube Accounts’ part of...

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Practical Advice
Social Media Advertising Tips
Thumb social media advertising

Social media advertising is highly effective today since more people are using these services. However, many marketing teams don’t know how to make the most out of these sites, and as a result, they end up with sub-optimal results. If you are a social media marketer, you should follow these tips to realise more success in your campaign: 


1. Target Correctly 

It is easy to get your ads in front of many people, but a large percentage of them may not be interested in your offers. Instead of targeting large numbers of people, you should try to get your ads to the right...

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Practical Advise
Leveraging Successful B2B Content Marketing Strategies
Thumb content marketing b2b

Business-to-business content marketing is dramatically different from business-to-customer solutions. While B2C techniques will often focus on topics such as quality and personal preference, B2B models are primarily concerned with ROI and profit margins. It therefore stands to reason that developing a successful B2B content marketing strategy will employ different tactics than those associated with its B2C counterpart. What are a handful of powerful techniques that should be implemented in order to enhance an existing campaign? 


Setting Clear Goals 

In order to hone your...

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Practical Advice
3 Simple Tips to Help You Rank Your Local Business
Thumb local seo

Local SEO is important to all businesses. Customers and clients are turning to the internet to find specific products and services, and having an optimized profile can greatly improve your visibility. These tips should help you rank better for local searches:


1. Get a Google My Business Listing

Local searchers are likely to google your company or business in order to learn more about you. Having a Google My Business listing will give them this information on Google Search or Maps. It is very important to include all the crucial information about your company on your profile. For...

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ROI and Influencer Marketing: How to Accurately Gauge Succes
Thumb kpis influencer marketing

The impact of social influencer marketing cannot be taken lightly. Recent surveys have shown that an incredible 92 per cent of potential consumers will following influencing sources as opposed to static advertisements alone. The ability to track and gauge the success of these campaigns is therefore critical in order to maximise ROI. Let us examine some effective methods that should be used concurrently with traditional techniques. 


Accurately Measuring Traffic 

A good influencer should be able to offer tracking links so that it is possible to measure factors such as...

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Practical Advice
App Marketing Strategies
Thumb app market

The use of mobile phones has increased rapidly over the past few years. This is because accessing them is now easy. Most people spent almost 70% of their time on their phones. Some smartphone apps can also be used in the business industry, primarily in the marketing of products. 

Strategies for successful app marketing

For one to successfully conduct his/her business through the use of mobile apps, some factors should be considered: 

  1. Make your app be known: Advertising through media will enable people to get to know your app and look at it to see what...

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A Detailed Guide to Effective Event Marketing
Thumb eventmarketing

Event marketing is an essential process in promoting a product, service, or brand through interactions between marketers and clients. This process can utilize both outbound and inbound marketing techniques and can be online or offline. A company can either choose to host its event or be an exhibitor at an event. 


Why Event Marketing?

In the modern world, consumers want more than a pitch when making purchasing decisions. Therefore, marketers should seize every opportunity to earn the trust of their customers through creating a robust relationship. Events offer an amazing...

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Boosting Your ROI with Predictive Targeting
Thumb predictive targeting

With the rapid evolution of artificial intelligence and big data, the face of online marketing is changing for the better. These technologies have given rise to effective marketing techniques such as predictive targeting. This strategy is a technology that uses machine learning to analyse big data (regarding similar client attributes and online profiles) for a more efficient ad targeting.


How does Predictive Targeting Work?

Ad networks feed the machine learning algorithms with large volumes of data. The algorithms are then programmed to gradually learn from the data and are...

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Pinterest marketing strategies for your business
Thumb pinterest marketing

Social media marketing has now become the most popular marketing strategy for most businesses. There is a huge target market already on most social media platforms. Until now, Pinterest has been a very underrated social network. But with the right Pinterest marketing strategies, you can get your business noticed, which equates to the great success of the business.


How to Get Started with Pinterest for your Business


  • Create a Pinterest business account.
  • Add a clear description of your business on your profile.
  • Link your Pinterest business account to your website. That way...

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“Intent data is a deep dive into a target group.” – An interview with Canio Martino
Thumb intentdata b2b

Canio Martino is Chief Operating Officer and Chief Digital Officer at the B2B Media Group. In an interview with cmoatwork.com, he reveals exactly what intent data entails in the B2B sector and how it boosts data-driven marketing.


The scattergun approach is becoming increasingly rare in online marketing. Instead, more and more marketers are deploying targeted advertising using intent data. What exactly does this involve?

Well, first of all, let’s define the term “intent data” for the B2B sector, as it’s used in various ways and can often be misunderstood....

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