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Best Marketing Strategies for Millennials and Gen Z
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Advertisers are always working hard to capture the attention of consumers. However, gaining the attention of millennials and Gen Z has proven to be more difficult, and therefore advertisers have to change their advertising tactics. They have to create ads that resonate with the young people’s motivations, attitudes and likes. The old-fashioned advertising strategies of personalizing ads such as matching gender, ethnicity or featuring people’s names don’t work anymore on millennials and Gen Z, therefore for marketers looking to target young people, they first have...

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The Role of Nano Influencers in Marketing
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Lately, influencer marketing has gained a lot of popularity when it comes to advertising brands on the social media. Mega, macro, micro and nano influencers are individuals who have a particular number of followers; they can mobilise their fans to try out a specific brand which they advertise. They are, therefore, pivotal in increasing sales and creating brand awareness. 


Getting to Know Mega, Macro, Micro and Nano Influencers 

Everyone is an influencer; the only difference is the number of people you can influence. Nano influencer is a term used to refer to the individuals...

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Ways of Reducing the Bounce Rate on Your Website
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If you are struggling to increase traffic to your website, get more leads and clients, it is likely that your bounce rate is the problem. This means that customers visit your landing page and bounce off before you convert them. Here are some proven ways of reducing the bounce rate on your site: 


Avoid Popups 

You should avoid using popups because they may annoy your users. When someone visits your site, and a popup interrupts their reading, they may choose to leave. Some marketers use forceful or even bullying phrases in the popups, which makes users go and increase their...

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Practical Advice
B2B Customer Acquisition: Why it is Important in Marketing
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Client base is a relevant field to consider whenever you want to improve your business’ efficiency. To expand the customer base, employ several B2B client acquisition strategies. One of the best means of acquiring customers using B2B strategy is taking care of the customers professionally throughout their experience in the firm while enacting client retention policies. 


Understanding B2B Customer Acquisition Strategies 

Many entities are indulging in digital advertising and content marketing as a policy of garnering more customers. The primary fields that B2B...

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Microtargeting as a Marketing Strategy
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Behavioural advertising technique also referred to as microtargeting has been used to influence consumers’ decision making. Many businesses have managed to successfully run their marketing campaigns by targeting a specific group of consumers, through microtargeting techniques. This has largely helped to effectively pass a marketing message to specific consumers. Microtargeting is, therefore, a technique used by marketers to collect consumer behavioural data of a specific group of consumers, then use the data to influence the consumers' decision making. When you learn the behaviour...

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Practical Advice
Video marketing campaigns are now more effective on Social Media platforms
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All marketers have one thing in common; they all want reach and attention from relevant consumers. There is no better way to capture the consumer’s attention and increase your reach than using videos as a marketing strategy. Adding videos in marketing campaigns on social media platforms has shown to increase the number of attention it receives, compared to sending campaigns without videos. 

Today’s world perceives visual content as a better engagement that written content; marketers should roll with it. Among all the social media platforms, marketers should...

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The Google Speed Update Of 2018 Will Not Harm Your Search Results Rankings 
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The Google speed update of 2018 was created to scrape some of the most annoying websites from the first few pages of Google's search engine results page. Google has made it clear that speeding up your high-ranking website is not going to help you because Google is only targeting websites that are very slow. Nobody is throwing any numbers around, but since a bounce is typically considered to be between 6 and 12 seconds, then it is fair to say that any websites that take longer than 12 seconds to load will probably drop from the first pages of Google's search engine results.



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What Social Media Users Really Want
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It may seem like a matter of luck to the inexperienced, but the true key to most successful advertising campaigns involves understanding the mindset of an audience. 

When it comes to social media marketing in particular, typical users are particularly resistant to marketing efforts; as a social media marketer, you have to effectively cut through the clutter using a balanced mix of know-how and creativity. Let’s see how it’s done. 

Social Media Users Are Focused on Getting Quick Entertainment

When a typical social media user scrolls through their favored...

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Instagram’s IGTV Takes On YouTube
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Eight years after launch, the photo sharing platform, Instagram, has cracked the 1 billion user mark, and co-founder Kevin Systrom wants more from it. With the new video app, IGTV challenges industry giant YouTube. 


Its main properties 

Instagram recently introduced the first major new feature since the introduction of the story format two years ago – the new video platform, IGTV, which is also offered as a standalone app, where users can watch up to hour-long full screen videos on their smartphones. The format is unusual for video platforms as instead...

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How to Increase your Click Rates in Email Marketing
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Click rates give you a clear indication of how effective your email marketing campaigns are. An increase in the click rate means that your campaigns are effective and that your content is relevant to your subscribers. However, this doesn’t always happen. At times, you will notice a decrease in the click rate, that does not necessarily mean irrelevant content, but rather that your campaigns simply need little improvements. It is therefore important to keep track of your campaign analysis, to know which strategies best work for your campaigns, and what you can do to make your...

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