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What Social Media Users Really Want
What Social Media Users Really Want
Time icon 6 July 2018, 14:07 pm

It may seem like a matter of luck to the inexperienced, but the true key to most successful advertising campaigns involves understanding the mindset of an audience. 

When it comes to social media marketing in particular, typical users are particularly resistant to marketing efforts; as a social media marketer, you have to effectively cut through the clutter using a balanced mix of know-how and creativity. Let’s see how it’s done. 

Social Media Users Are Focused on Getting Quick Entertainment

When a typical social media user scrolls through their favored platform’s feed, they are generally looking for something that will provide a quick fix of entertainment. The last thing on the mind of such a user is to purchase a new product or service… unless of course, they are already interested on said product and require nothing but a gentle reminder to actually reach out for their wallet. 

This is why social media ad campaigns often fail: they try to push a sale without first building a relationship. Luckily, social media is the perfect tool to build relationships on a large scale! You just have to go about it in the right order. 

Social Media Marketing Revolves around Catching User’s Attention and Piking Interest

Effective social media marketing campaigns always focus on relationship-building until the represented brand has established authority in the eyes of its potential clients. 

How do you achieve a semblance of authority in your social media channels? By consistently posting relevant content that will connect with your target audience and keep piking their interest. You should aim to use every new post as a way to snag the attention of your prospects as they are scrolling through, and you should do so often enough so that your prospects will grow interested in your brand. 

Only Try to Move Prospects from Desire to Action After Your Presence is Authoritative

It’s really not worth bothering trying to sell anything to a social media audience unless you’ve previously established an authoritative presence through relevant and interesting posts around your products and services. 

The most effective way to use social media is to create relationships with your clients, which sets the tone for desire – which is the prerequisite for any actual purchase. Once you’ve manage to use your authority to spark desire, buyers will be much more reactive to your ads, and your campaigns will thrive.