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How to Optimize your Post-click conversions
How to Optimize your Post-click conversions
Time icon12 October 2018, 14:10 pm

Advertising technology has over the years changed significantly to allow new marketing strategies such as optimized and personalised ads, and microtargeting ads. These strategies have proven successful in achieving a higher click rate in most ads. However, this is not the same for post-click conversion rate. Most marketers have failed in getting their audience to convert to their ads. The statistics in the post-click conversions are frustrating as marketers are putting more effort into pre-click conversion and neglecting post-click conversions. Marketers need to learn how to create and personalise the post-click landing pages to increase the conversion rate in post-clicks. 


How to optimise post-clicks conversions 

  • Create landing pages with a message match: Your landing pages should show the user that their clicks have landed them in the right place. Get a catchy headline, colours and images that match that of the ad. Your audience will turn back if the landing page does not look similar to the ad that led them there. 
  • Do not include many links: Your landing page should only have a visible call to action link as many links will get your audience lost and they may not convert to the ad. If you have to include a privacy policy or terms of service link, then put them at the footer of the page, that way, they will not distract you converting audience. 
  • Organize your landing page to be visually attractive: Start with an attractive headline, followed by a text on why the audience should convert to your ad, before finally putting your converting form at the bottom. You can bold or italicise any important facts in your ads. 
  • Finish with a ‘Thank You’ Page: Though often left out, a ‘thank you page is very important in letting your audience know you appreciate their post-click conversion effort. This page should show your ad audience that you will treat them with gratitude once they become your customers. And therefore, the page should be included in a well optimised post-click conversion ad.