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Practical Advise
Writing Compelling Advertorials That Increase Sales
Thumb contentmarketing advertorial

Writing compelling advertorials helps to attract more clients to your business. Advertorials help you to reach potential customers via print and online publications. Since they look and feel like any other interesting magazine or newspaper article, they are more likely to engage your audience. 


1. Understand Your Audience and the Publication's Tone

Adapting the same voice as other articles ensures that your post will blend in. The layout and typography of your lists should match that of others in the publication. Your text should follow the editorial guidelines masterfully...

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“Data are the mainstay of successful marketing"
Thumb utzwasner

In an exclusive interview with cmoatwork.com, Utz Wasner, Chief Data Officer at the B2B Media Group, explains how data change marketing and how marketers can take advantage of this change.



In the past, we had billboards, and the advent of the internet saw the emergence of website-specific banners. But it seems that we have a long way to go yet. Are data the future of marketing? And what does this mean for marketers?


Data are the mainstay of successful marketing – this is likely to be even more true in the future. And so the topic of data is difficult to get away...

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Practical Advise
Hosting a Good Webinar
Thumb webinar

Do you plan to host a webinar? Before starting a webinar, it is recommended that you ask yourself whether you need to host a webinar in the first place. A webinar can either make or destroy the perception of the products you are trying to market. While planning a webinar, there are various factors that you need to put into consideration.


The Purpose of the Webinar

As you strategies on your webinar ideas, you need to focus on one primary objective of gathering an audience for the webinar. No potential client would want to waste time following a webinar that does not have an objective...

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Micro Influencer Marketing: a Case for Quality Over Quantity
Thumb microinfluencerinstagram

Influencer Marketing, that is arranging endors­ements from public figures with large social media followings, is a common technique in modern marketing. However, it’s often a misguided effort – as many marketers get too focused on the sheer volume of an audience, rather than considering its relevance to the brand being promoted. 

Here we make a case for why it’s often better to favor dealing with micro-influencers rather than seeking public figures with a massive Internet following: simply put, because relevance outperforms volume

When Less is...

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New WhatsApp Business instant messaging service
Thumb whatsapp2

Long popular with individuals, WhatsApp enjoys widespread appeal due to its intuitive interface and free pricing model. Now, the popular online text messaging provider has launched a new text message service for businesses. Here, we look at how WhatsApp Business could boost customer communication and benefit entrepreneurs, decision-makers and professionals in small and medium-sized companies – in almost every sector. 

Introduction to WhatsApp Business

According to a company announcement, a new verification process will confirm that telephone numbers match authentic...

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Mastering Customer Experience
Thumb kundenbewertung

In the world of marketing, various elements need to be incorporated to achieve the required results. But many marketers are focusing too much on mobile, social, content and big data to reach their audience. Although all these ideas are crucial in marketing, they all tone down to a perfect customer experience. Since the client is the primary target, various aspects need to be considered to achieve the right data-driven marketing that creates value.


Focus on Customer Value Over Business Value

A business that focuses on customer value more than making profits has the ability...

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The Reasons behind the Overhaul of e-Privacy Regulations
Thumb people

As the days go by, technology evolves, and so does the corresponding legal framework governing them, especially within the European Union. The implementation of the fresh General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was the herald of this process, and e-Privacy is set to follow suit. The following are the expected impacts of the proposed new set of regulations regarding online privacy.


1. New participants

Previously, communication service providers such as WhatsApp, Skype, and Facebook Messenger were not under the scope of e-Privacy rules. However, the suggested amendments are set to be...

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The New Ad-blocking Chrome Experience
Thumb chrome

The new ad-blocking Chrome will go live on 15th of february 2018. The aim of upgrading Chrome this way is to reduce spammy adverts. Google says that the new ad blocker will not be blocking all advertisements; it will only prevent bad adverts as determined by the standards of the Coalition for Better Ads. This coalition bans full-page advertisements, flashing adverts, and ads that automatically play video and sound.


Prior Notice to Publishers

Google intends to let websites containing these adverts know about the likely blocking through Ad Experience Report tool, which...

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Facebook Marketing Enters The Next Stage: Messenger Marketing
Thumb facebookmessenger

The number of Facebook Messenger users has gone up to more than 1.3 billion, and this number continues to rise. As a marketer, this means a significant potential to sell your business through a platform that is currently used all over the world. There are various ways that you can use Facebook Messenger to market your business: 


Content Delivery

Email marketing is slowly losing its grip in the marketing world. This phenomenon could be attributed to the increase in spam emails which potential clients prefer to skip, rather than opening to check the content. Using Facebook...

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Practical Advice
Crafting a Customer Experience that Boosts Revenues
Thumb shopping

Customer experience involves more than just a strong brand because the way that people perceive your company goes beyond the goods or services you provide. A customer must feel good after interacting with your business. The tiniest details can shape the image of your brand among consumers, which, in turn, influences sales and revenues. This is why customer experience has become a priority for any smart business owner. Customers must be satisfied at every stage of the purchasing journey to justify the money they spend on your business. Managing the perception of customers require a...

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