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A Detailed Guide to Effective Event Marketing
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Event marketing is an essential process in promoting a product, service, or brand through interactions between marketers and clients. This process can utilize both outbound and inbound marketing techniques and can be online or offline. A company can either choose to host its event or be an exhibitor at an event. 


Why Event Marketing?

In the modern world, consumers want more than a pitch when making purchasing decisions. Therefore, marketers should seize every opportunity to earn the trust of their customers through creating a robust relationship. Events offer an amazing...

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Boosting Your ROI with Predictive Targeting
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With the rapid evolution of artificial intelligence and big data, the face of online marketing is changing for the better. These technologies have given rise to effective marketing techniques such as predictive targeting. This strategy is a technology that uses machine learning to analyse big data (regarding similar client attributes and online profiles) for a more efficient ad targeting.


How does Predictive Targeting Work?

Ad networks feed the machine learning algorithms with large volumes of data. The algorithms are then programmed to gradually learn from the data and are...

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Pinterest marketing strategies for your business
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Social media marketing has now become the most popular marketing strategy for most businesses. There is a huge target market already on most social media platforms. Until now, Pinterest has been a very underrated social network. But with the right Pinterest marketing strategies, you can get your business noticed, which equates to the great success of the business.


How to Get Started with Pinterest for your Business


  • Create a Pinterest business account.
  • Add a clear description of your business on your profile.
  • Link your Pinterest business account to your website. That way...

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“Intent data is a deep dive into a target group.” – An interview with Canio Martino
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Canio Martino is Chief Operating Officer and Chief Digital Officer at the B2B Media Group. In an interview with cmoatwork.com, he reveals exactly what intent data entails in the B2B sector and how it boosts data-driven marketing.


The scattergun approach is becoming increasingly rare in online marketing. Instead, more and more marketers are deploying targeted advertising using intent data. What exactly does this involve?

Well, first of all, let’s define the term “intent data” for the B2B sector, as it’s used in various ways and can often be misunderstood....

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Practical Advice
Your Brand, Your Story: How Are You Selling It?
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If there's any department that has seen so much change in the world of business over the years, it is the marketing department. Marketing is no longer about mainstream advertising, or simply telling people about your business and rightfully so. In the past, marketing was about sales – that is, availing something that people are seriously in need of –, and this kind of marketing was powered by low supply and high demand. Today, however, marketing has become more and more about experiences and stories. Why, you ask? Because there's too much of commodities in the...

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Techniques of Marketing Innovation
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Marketing innovation can be defined as the application of new techniques of marketing when advertising a product or service. These procedures include huge change alterations in promoting, placing, packaging or designing the product, as well as the pricing among other strategies.

For the above strategies to work, marketers should have a unique understanding of the consumers of the products. That is the only way that will ensure that the marketing campaign becomes successful. Therefore, marketers should follow some procedures to make sure that the marketing innovation method works.


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Marketing Automation as a Business Strategy
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Marketing automation is a business tool that is an effective type of business strategy. This help for your marketing strategy will ensure that your business is prosperous. However, you should use it wisely to interact and engage your potential customers. Marketing automation tools can be a conglomerate of very effective software. Here are some of the factors that you should consider when you are choosing the type of marketing automation to use:


Reach Potential Customers

The type of software that you use for the marketing automation service you select should be able to entice new...

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The Secret of KPIs in Email Marketing
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KPIs or Key Performance Indicators are markers that can be used to gauge the performance of an advertising or marketing campaign. Therefore, when they are used in email marketing they can be used to recognise the email messages that are effective to consumers. This information will ultimately assist marketers to develop better marketing campaigns that will satisfy their customers. The following are some of the key KPIs that can be used by marketers to carry out an effective marketing campaign:


Click Rate

The click rate, also known as the open rate, is important in a marketing...

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Practical Advice
Writing in a better style optimal for SEO
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As a freelance writer, being proficient in SEO will add to your writing arsenal. It will also present you with more ways to earn. Organic search is the heart of digital marketing, meaning a SEO specialist will have a very important role. Being successful includes having a strong understanding of SEO and knowing the best practices to follow. While it can seem overwhelming at first, here are some tips you can follow on how to write a good style optimal for SEO.


1. Know your audience

Since you will be writing for a targeted audience, you will need to establish whether your blog will be...

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Practical Advice
Gamification in Marketing
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The conventional marketing strategies are changing, as marketers seek to have a better engagement with their target audience. Gamification is a kind of marketing that provides a fun, yet involving content through games. The objective of gamification is to stand out from the traditional marketing approaches that users have become used to. Also, gamification aims to generate new and more leads. Below are some tips that are helpful in applying gamification in marketing:


1. Integrate Gamification With Your Marketing Objective

The aim of using gamification is not done entirely for...

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