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Tips for Establishing Effective B2B Lead Generation Emails
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Email marketing has been in existence for many years. Apart from being among the oldest online platforms for B2B marketing, it is also the most trusted sources of essential information for B2B buyers. However, with the constant advancement in technology and the B2B buyers’ inclinations ever-changing, developing and implementing a solid strategy for your company’s email marketing platform can be challenging. 

That means that it is essential to look at various strategic approaches that will work for the business. Most companies are able to see their email marketing channel...

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How to Optimize your Post-click conversions
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Advertising technology has over the years changed significantly to allow new marketing strategies such as optimized and personalised ads, and microtargeting ads. These strategies have proven successful in achieving a higher click rate in most ads. However, this is not the same for post-click conversion rate. Most marketers have failed in getting their audience to convert to their ads. The statistics in the post-click conversions are frustrating as marketers are putting more effort into pre-click conversion and neglecting post-click conversions. Marketers need to learn how to create and...

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Top Tips for SEO Keyword Research Strategies
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Nowadays, effective use of keyword research is an increasingly essential skill for most digital marketers. They need to know how to create and develop excellent keyword list for both search engine optimization and PPC. Also, smart content marketers may use a keyword research technique to find out the different types of phrases and topics they should use in their content writing. 

Content marketing has been on the wall since the year 2014, and while their benefits and motives are widely debated, the importance of focusing and concentrating on the advantages and the intent of the exact...

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