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The Effects of GDPR on ABM Tactics and Practical Recommendations
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The entire premise of account-based marketing provides deep consumer understanding and highly tailored data to the client at the most appropriate time. On the other hand, GDPR is undeniably a significant challenge for enterprises. But it also brings an opportunity for organisations to clean up their data, improve their business processes, enhance customer experience and put in place the right information strategy. 

Also, firm owners should be aware of the upcoming ePrivacy Regulations (ePR), which is a European Union directive that mainly focuses on the right to confidentiality,...

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Practical Advice
How to Develop an Effective Content Marketing Funnel
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Marketing your site is a difficult process. As search engine optimization becomes increasingly difficult to implement and social media becoming increasingly time-consuming, there is nothing more essential than spending your time mapping out your own Content Marketing Funnel. 

Currently, most B2B marketers are developing custom content marketing, and they are planning to produce even more content in the future. However, most of them do not know how to differentiate between content that works and the one that does not make an impact. 

A traditional sales funnel has been...

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