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Microtargeting as a Marketing Strategy
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Behavioural advertising technique also referred to as microtargeting has been used to influence consumers’ decision making. Many businesses have managed to successfully run their marketing campaigns by targeting a specific group of consumers, through microtargeting techniques. This has largely helped to effectively pass a marketing message to specific consumers. Microtargeting is, therefore, a technique used by marketers to collect consumer behavioural data of a specific group of consumers, then use the data to influence the consumers' decision making. When you learn the behaviour...

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Practical Advice
Video marketing campaigns are now more effective on Social Media platforms
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All marketers have one thing in common; they all want reach and attention from relevant consumers. There is no better way to capture the consumer’s attention and increase your reach than using videos as a marketing strategy. Adding videos in marketing campaigns on social media platforms has shown to increase the number of attention it receives, compared to sending campaigns without videos. 

Today’s world perceives visual content as a better engagement that written content; marketers should roll with it. Among all the social media platforms, marketers should...

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The Google Speed Update Of 2018 Will Not Harm Your Search Results Rankings 
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The Google speed update of 2018 was created to scrape some of the most annoying websites from the first few pages of Google's search engine results page. Google has made it clear that speeding up your high-ranking website is not going to help you because Google is only targeting websites that are very slow. Nobody is throwing any numbers around, but since a bounce is typically considered to be between 6 and 12 seconds, then it is fair to say that any websites that take longer than 12 seconds to load will probably drop from the first pages of Google's search engine results.



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What Social Media Users Really Want
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It may seem like a matter of luck to the inexperienced, but the true key to most successful advertising campaigns involves understanding the mindset of an audience. 

When it comes to social media marketing in particular, typical users are particularly resistant to marketing efforts; as a social media marketer, you have to effectively cut through the clutter using a balanced mix of know-how and creativity. Let’s see how it’s done. 

Social Media Users Are Focused on Getting Quick Entertainment

When a typical social media user scrolls through their favored...

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