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Practical Advice
Factors that Contribute to a High Rank in Amazon Searches
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Everybody wants to have good rankings in the search engine results. But there are many other avenues where you can sell your products apart from your own website. If you are on Amazon as well, you want your products to rank highly – the same way your site is on the first page of Google search results. Luckily, you can influence your Amazon ranking if you consider the following factors in your Amazon pages: 


Amazon Backend Keywords 

The backend keywords are “hidden” keywords that are used in the Amazon Seller Account’s backend....

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Best Marketing Strategies for Millennials and Gen Z
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Advertisers are always working hard to capture the attention of consumers. However, gaining the attention of millennials and Gen Z has proven to be more difficult, and therefore advertisers have to change their advertising tactics. They have to create ads that resonate with the young people’s motivations, attitudes and likes. The old-fashioned advertising strategies of personalizing ads such as matching gender, ethnicity or featuring people’s names don’t work anymore on millennials and Gen Z, therefore for marketers looking to target young people, they first have...

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The Role of Nano Influencers in Marketing
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Lately, influencer marketing has gained a lot of popularity when it comes to advertising brands on the social media. Mega, macro, micro and nano influencers are individuals who have a particular number of followers; they can mobilise their fans to try out a specific brand which they advertise. They are, therefore, pivotal in increasing sales and creating brand awareness. 


Getting to Know Mega, Macro, Micro and Nano Influencers 

Everyone is an influencer; the only difference is the number of people you can influence. Nano influencer is a term used to refer to the individuals...

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Ways of Reducing the Bounce Rate on Your Website
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If you are struggling to increase traffic to your website, get more leads and clients, it is likely that your bounce rate is the problem. This means that customers visit your landing page and bounce off before you convert them. Here are some proven ways of reducing the bounce rate on your site: 


Avoid Popups 

You should avoid using popups because they may annoy your users. When someone visits your site, and a popup interrupts their reading, they may choose to leave. Some marketers use forceful or even bullying phrases in the popups, which makes users go and increase their...

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Practical Advice
B2B Customer Acquisition: Why it is Important in Marketing
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Client base is a relevant field to consider whenever you want to improve your business’ efficiency. To expand the customer base, employ several B2B client acquisition strategies. One of the best means of acquiring customers using B2B strategy is taking care of the customers professionally throughout their experience in the firm while enacting client retention policies. 


Understanding B2B Customer Acquisition Strategies 

Many entities are indulging in digital advertising and content marketing as a policy of garnering more customers. The primary fields that B2B...

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