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Walled gardens and their impact on data marketing strategies
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A huge percentage of online marketers rely on consumer data to maximize on their marketing strategies. Consumer’s data can reveal a lot of information that marketers use to drive their products and services to the exact audience who are highly likely to use the product or service being advertised. Marketers have used consumer data from tech giants, such as Facebook, Google and Amazon, for the longest time to strategize on their marketing techniques to reach the right audience. However, that is rapidly changing as tech giants are putting a wall between marketers and consumer data; that...

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Dentsu Aegis CMO Survey 2018 – CMOs see themselves as drivers of business growth
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Digital technology plays a fundamental role in equipping brands with modern tools to attract consumers. However, the transition to a digital economy comes with greater implications for the brand’s long-term policy than many would appreciate. Reflecting on the major survey conducted on 1,000 CMOs globally and across the business, the Dentsu Aegis CMO Survey 2018 shows how brands are in a better position to engage consumers and win within a digital economy. The survey offers an exclusive picture of CMO sentiment through a variety of dimensions. Some major highlights include the future...

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