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Walled gardens and their impact on data marketing strategies
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A huge percentage of online marketers rely on consumer data to maximize on their marketing strategies. Consumer’s data can reveal a lot of information that marketers use to drive their products and services to the exact audience who are highly likely to use the product or service being advertised. Marketers have used consumer data from tech giants, such as Facebook, Google and Amazon, for the longest time to strategize on their marketing techniques to reach the right audience. However, that is rapidly changing as tech giants are putting a wall between marketers and consumer data; that...

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Practical Advice
Social Media Advertising Tips
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Social media advertising is highly effective today since more people are using these services. However, many marketing teams don’t know how to make the most out of these sites, and as a result, they end up with sub-optimal results. If you are a social media marketer, you should follow these tips to realise more success in your campaign: 


1. Target Correctly 

It is easy to get your ads in front of many people, but a large percentage of them may not be interested in your offers. Instead of targeting large numbers of people, you should try to get your ads to the right...

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Product Information
The many capabilities of ad customizers
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Ad customizers are the latest powerful tools that advertisers are using for adapting text adverts to what someone is searching for, where they are located, and even what time of the day they are online. There are numerous customizer capabilities that can be utilised in simple functions and text. To know more, read this brief guide on the many functions of ad customizers.

One of the main features of ad customizers is their countdown function that lets you create a sense of urgency within the advert. Most advertisers know the call to action links that urge customers click on their website...

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Internet advertising success
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This year, the digital advertising revenue has surpassed TV advertising. As consumers are turning to online ads due to the amount of time they spend surfing the Web, it is no wonder that the digital ad market has grown so rapidly. In fact, it seems that we are entering a new era in Internet advertising, but to succeed even further, we must learn to keep up with the ever-changing technology. 

While mobile ads will still grow by up to 19 per cent, Internet advertising will beat this number by 32 per cent within the next four years. The reason for the bigger success of digital ads is...

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All About Digital Billboards
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The world of technology has come on in leaps and bounds and our daily life is consumed by social media, the web, online usage and browsing and the possibility that the digital world is taking over our everyday habits. Brands and companies are forever looking for news ways to market their products and services. Digital billboards are cost-efficient and effective, it is a way of creating out of home advertising that consumers can't ignore. 

Consumers Have to go Outside
Human beings are creatures of habit and we have to go outside, we have to go to the shop, we have to go to...

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LinkedIn auctions off its display banner ads for desktop
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LinkedIn has officially begun auctioning off its banner ads. The majority of which consist of horizontal leaderboard adverts as well as right-rail banners. This is done through real-time desktop-only bidding exchanges that allow advertisers to get programmatic access to these banners. 

As LinkedIn’s banner business took a turn for the worse in the first quarter of 2016, the company’s ad revenue declined by as much as 10 per cent. The desktop display adverts from LinkedIn have always been a supplementary revenue, just like other social networking sites such as...

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Facebook Lifts Limits on Advertising with the Audience Network
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As there are currently more than two billion users accessing social media sites such as Facebook each day, it should come as no surprise that advertisements have always been a key portion of revenue generation. However, Facebook limited such ads to only those who had existing accounts in the past. This is all about to change thanks to a new algorithm known as the Audience Network.

Following Suit?

This move comes on the heels of recent changes made to SERP guidelines at Google. As further refinements are required within the online marketing community, it seems that if Facebook is now...

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@Advertisers! #TwitterExpansionWins
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Twitter is relatively new to the world of advertising, having only last year initiated their Twitter Publisher Network (TPN) which allowed managed clients (and managed clients only) to advertise through off-site apps. However, following positive reviews and an uptick in expected profits, the company is looking to broaden these horizons even more.


The TPN was only available in a limited number of countries, but this is looking to more than double in the next few weeks and months.


There are some three hundred million Twitter users, and up to seven hundred million peripheral...

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