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Product Information
Tinder Launches New Dating Themed Podcast
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It's getting more and more common for marketers to place ads on highly successful podcasts. However, seeing as we're leaving in the age of "branded" or sponsored content, it only makes sense that marketers are cutting straight to the chase and are starting to make their own podcasts that are thematically in tune with their products and services.

This exactly what the marketing team for Match group Inc's popular dating app 'Tinder' have decided to do. The podcast is called 'DTR' which is a term millennials use which means 'Defining The...

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Practical Advice
Internal Marketing for your Company App
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Whether your organisation has already introduced an internal app or is about to implement one, it is important to market it to employees for optimum results. This might seem like an odd idea – after all, it’s been designed for employees to use, so surely you just need to tell people to use it. However, this simply isn’t the case. If you consider an everyday product, would you be more likely to use it if you’re told you have to or if the needs it fulfils are marketed to you and you try it out of your own accord? Essentially, by understanding that employees are not...

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Pepperoni: The New Tool for Mobile Developers
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Mobile developers can now get a slice of help from Pepperoni, a tool that presents a layout for cross-platform app development. This tool is built on a firm foundation using latest architecture and top industry practices. Pepperoni together with React Native JavaScript framework by Facebook work as one to come up with apps for iOS and Android. 

The core of this amazing tool is an implementation of the Redux state container for JavaScript, supported with libraries such as redux-loop and immutable. Developers are additionally coming up with a modular app skeleton that has capabilities...

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