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Your emotional response is under scrutiny
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Emotion analytics records and analyses emotional responses to ads and challenges normal marketing techniques such as web analysis and surveys. Analysing what people think and how they respond to marketing messages is so important to know and understand, particularly tiny body language reactions in the eyes and respiratory responses. It's widely known that advertising campaigns that appeal to the emotions are twice as effective as those that don't. 

With this new approach, marketing people are now increasingly able to carry out testing whereby guesswork has been replaced by...

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Five Efficient Strategies For Managing Data Overload
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Data overload can have a crippling effect on individuals. Businesses that efficiently manage the flow of data become better at serving their customers. These five strategies will help you improve efficiency in data collection and analysis.

1. Identify Your Team's Most Important KPI
Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) show whether your company is achieving results. Senior management drives your company's agenda, so it is important to take their priorities into account. Once they know which KPI they look at primarily when determining their success, you can focus on tracking that.

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