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Social Media, SEO and Co: These are the top 5 topics in online marketing
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In cooperation with our partner, the DSP selfcampaign, we have exclusively analysed which were the most important topics in online marketing in 2018. 


Topic No. 1: Social Media

By far the most important topic for online marketers are the social networks Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. More than 82 percent of all articles read by decision-makers dealt with this topic. This is the result of a recent survey by our affiliated data partner selfcampaign.

No wonder – after all, most advertising-relevant user groups in social networks are on the move. In addition,...

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The 5 most important social networks for business decision makers
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There are quite some studies on social media usage in companies. Most of them are based on surveys of decision-makers or qualitative analyses of individual networks. Together with the B2B trade portal selfcampaign, CMOatWork dares a new approach: In an exclusive reception study we looked at which social networks are written about – and which networks business decision makers use to gather information. The basis of our data is the evaluation of the use of connected specialist websites, which provide information on the keywords for which articles are consumed on the Internet. On...

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Walled gardens and their impact on data marketing strategies
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A huge percentage of online marketers rely on consumer data to maximize on their marketing strategies. Consumer’s data can reveal a lot of information that marketers use to drive their products and services to the exact audience who are highly likely to use the product or service being advertised. Marketers have used consumer data from tech giants, such as Facebook, Google and Amazon, for the longest time to strategize on their marketing techniques to reach the right audience. However, that is rapidly changing as tech giants are putting a wall between marketers and consumer data; that...

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Pinterest marketing strategies for your business
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Social media marketing has now become the most popular marketing strategy for most businesses. There is a huge target market already on most social media platforms. Until now, Pinterest has been a very underrated social network. But with the right Pinterest marketing strategies, you can get your business noticed, which equates to the great success of the business.


How to Get Started with Pinterest for your Business


  • Create a Pinterest business account.
  • Add a clear description of your business on your profile.
  • Link your Pinterest business account to your website. That way...

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Facebook Marketing Enters The Next Stage: Messenger Marketing
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The number of Facebook Messenger users has gone up to more than 1.3 billion, and this number continues to rise. As a marketer, this means a significant potential to sell your business through a platform that is currently used all over the world. There are various ways that you can use Facebook Messenger to market your business: 


Content Delivery

Email marketing is slowly losing its grip in the marketing world. This phenomenon could be attributed to the increase in spam emails which potential clients prefer to skip, rather than opening to check the content. Using Facebook...

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Practical Advise
Optimising ad strategies on Facebook
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The colour blue, used in Facebook's ad creative program, was found to keep the least attention in Facebook advertisements, due to similarities with Facebook's theme. Small tweaks and adjustments like this and other considerations are keys to breaking the Facebook ad market. 



When the advertiser has already specified the type of consumer they desire, they can formulate a strategy focused on getting and keeping attention. Facebook has up to two billion users every month – you wouldn't address each and everyone for your specific advertisement. It is more...

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Practical Advice
Successful Video Marketing on Facebook
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The use of Facebook has gained fame among marketers over the past years due to the large number of users. The marketing strategy has, however, revolutionised from the common text posts to videos, both live and recorded. Facebook is also offering paid video ads which allow marketers to pay money to reach a certain audience in a specified location. 

Since video ads have become a common marketing strategy in the market, they have gradually flooded Facebook. Users do not have the time to watch every video that is displayed on their live feeds. There are various ways that you can...

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Neuromarketing – Five Reasons Why It Is Important
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It is no secret that neuromarketing has taken the world by storm. Many individuals, companies, educational institutions as well as government departments are using it in one way or another. Despite its widespread use in the marketing world, the term sometimes remains unclear. Basically, the term refers to the utilisation of modern brain science to determine the impact of advertising and marketing on consumers. Here are some ways in which neuromarketing is being used today:


1. Advertising effectiveness

Most advertising and marketing, like the ones we see in social media...

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Facebook Lifts Limits on Advertising with the Audience Network
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As there are currently more than two billion users accessing social media sites such as Facebook each day, it should come as no surprise that advertisements have always been a key portion of revenue generation. However, Facebook limited such ads to only those who had existing accounts in the past. This is all about to change thanks to a new algorithm known as the Audience Network.

Following Suit?

This move comes on the heels of recent changes made to SERP guidelines at Google. As further refinements are required within the online marketing community, it seems that if Facebook is now...

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