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Practical Advise
Connecting Sales And Marketing
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Sales and marketing are aspects that are closely related since they all work together with the aim of increasing revenues. Though these components seem to be very related, they have some differences applicable to their concepts and the long and short-term term goals of a company. The differences also involve the different skills required to put each of them into their individual objectives. Considering this fact, you will see that proper marketing paves way for convenient and increased sales hence an increase in revenues. On the other side, the efforts of marketing would be cancelled...

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The Huge Potential of Big Data to Increase ROI
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Many companies are reaping the benefits of big data, successfully turning around poor growth and driving their return on investment (ROI). Collecting big data is a challenge in itself but, fortunately, there are professional companies who can help with this. Once you start to harvest your big data, the potential benefits far outweigh any challenges. You can learn about your customers, your websites, and your product/service performance to improve your offerings and, therefore, your ROI.

How big data can help with your ROI

Big data can tell you what websites, social networks, and news...

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State of Engagement Report Analysis
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In today's world, many marketing agencies need to rethink their ways of reaching more customers. The era of the engagement economy, for entrepreneurs and corporations to succeed and survive is here with us. Organizations must change their marketing tactics and embrace bold steps to keep customers. Currently, marketers have fine-tuned their methods of advertising with the advent of IT tools to better reach the audience at large. There needs to be a buzz in most corporations. 


The Survey

To validate that marketing leaders need to implement and carry out new ideas and...

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Practical Advice
Successful Marketing On A Small Budget
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People getting into marketing with a constrained budget are met with many hurdles and competition from the big players in the market. For a small business to thrive in the dynamic field, there are strategies that need to be implemented to ensure that the business survives. The aim of marketing is to ensure that you have a high ROI regardless of the type of strategy you use to sell your products or ideas.


Social Media Marketing

Many people are spending a lot of time on social media as opposed to using search engines like Google. Social media ads through platforms like Facebook and...

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Practical Advice
Know the Typical Mistakes In Affiliate Marketing
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If you’re getting started in affiliate marketing, you will have to make a lot of mistakes as a natural part of your learning process. Sometimes though, you can take a shortcut and learn from the mistakes of others! Read this article to learn how to stay clear of the most typical pitfalls of affiliate marketing.

Crucial Considerations to Succeed as an Affiliate

  • Don’t spread yourself too thin: Novice affiliates often tend to get involved in more projects than they can count. Do not scatter your energies! Pick your projects carefully and invest yourself fully into...

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Practical Advice
Getting Your E-Mail Marketing Right
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It may seem that social media platforms such as Facebook ads have surpassed e-mail marketing as the highest earner when it comes to generating more sales and revenue. However, this is not the case. By comparing the two platforms, e-mails generate up to 4 times higher ROI. This shows that e-mail is still a crucial marketing strategy for most companies. But businesses need to employ some strategies for it to be successful. 


Know and focus on your target audience 

Your audience will most likely find the e-mail engaging if it comes from a trustworthy source.

And while...

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The rise of Influencer marketing in B2B
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Influencer marketing is gaining a lot of hype with brand marketers. The increase of hard to convince millennials has prompted digital marketers to turn to social media stars to help them in selling their products. While influencer marketing has been mostly associated with B2C brands, B2B brands are seeing opportunities that will work for them, too. Some of the popular influencer marketers may be found at LinkedIn, American Express, Salesforce and Hubspot


What are the advantage of influencer marketing? 

A major advantage of influencer marketing is that they can add ...

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Practical Advice
The psychology of marketing
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Marketing is an effective campaign tool that lets the marketer connect with potential customers and form a relationship. It is, in fact, all about psychology. Although online sellers are not psychologists, they must still employ this strategy in order to become successful marketers. To implement psychology in your marketing campaign in an effective and efficient way, here are some useful tips: 


Establish a need for your service

If consumers believe that they need your product or service, they will be twice as likely to connect with you and form a relationship. You must, first...

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7 Essential Skills a Marketing Professional Needs
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Marketing is more important than ever in today's fast-changing and crowded business world. Companies and products come and go so frequently that it's hard for brands to make an impression above the noise. Marketing itself isn't exempted from this constant flux, and there's always a new technique setting a fresh bandwagon rolling. However, whichever trends are the current flavour of the month, there are several underlying qualities that every marketer should possess.


1. Analytical Skills

From assessing market conditions to measuring the success of a campaign, an...

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Practical Advice
Successful Video Marketing on Facebook
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The use of Facebook has gained fame among marketers over the past years due to the large number of users. The marketing strategy has, however, revolutionised from the common text posts to videos, both live and recorded. Facebook is also offering paid video ads which allow marketers to pay money to reach a certain audience in a specified location. 

Since video ads have become a common marketing strategy in the market, they have gradually flooded Facebook. Users do not have the time to watch every video that is displayed on their live feeds. There are various ways that you can...

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