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Social Media, SEO and Co: These are the top 5 topics in online marketing
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In cooperation with our partner, the DSP selfcampaign, we have exclusively analysed which were the most important topics in online marketing in 2018. 


Topic No. 1: Social Media

By far the most important topic for online marketers are the social networks Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. More than 82 percent of all articles read by decision-makers dealt with this topic. This is the result of a recent survey by our affiliated data partner selfcampaign.

No wonder – after all, most advertising-relevant user groups in social networks are on the move. In addition,...

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The 5 most important social networks for business decision makers
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There are quite some studies on social media usage in companies. Most of them are based on surveys of decision-makers or qualitative analyses of individual networks. Together with the B2B trade portal selfcampaign, CMOatWork dares a new approach: In an exclusive reception study we looked at which social networks are written about – and which networks business decision makers use to gather information. The basis of our data is the evaluation of the use of connected specialist websites, which provide information on the keywords for which articles are consumed on the Internet. On...

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Practical Advice
Video marketing campaigns are now more effective on Social Media platforms
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All marketers have one thing in common; they all want reach and attention from relevant consumers. There is no better way to capture the consumer’s attention and increase your reach than using videos as a marketing strategy. Adding videos in marketing campaigns on social media platforms has shown to increase the number of attention it receives, compared to sending campaigns without videos. 

Today’s world perceives visual content as a better engagement that written content; marketers should roll with it. Among all the social media platforms, marketers should...

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What Social Media Users Really Want
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It may seem like a matter of luck to the inexperienced, but the true key to most successful advertising campaigns involves understanding the mindset of an audience. 

When it comes to social media marketing in particular, typical users are particularly resistant to marketing efforts; as a social media marketer, you have to effectively cut through the clutter using a balanced mix of know-how and creativity. Let’s see how it’s done. 

Social Media Users Are Focused on Getting Quick Entertainment

When a typical social media user scrolls through their favored...

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Instagram’s IGTV Takes On YouTube
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Eight years after launch, the photo sharing platform, Instagram, has cracked the 1 billion user mark, and co-founder Kevin Systrom wants more from it. With the new video app, IGTV challenges industry giant YouTube. 


Its main properties 

Instagram recently introduced the first major new feature since the introduction of the story format two years ago – the new video platform, IGTV, which is also offered as a standalone app, where users can watch up to hour-long full screen videos on their smartphones. The format is unusual for video platforms as instead...

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Practical Advice
Social Media Advertising Tips
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Social media advertising is highly effective today since more people are using these services. However, many marketing teams don’t know how to make the most out of these sites, and as a result, they end up with sub-optimal results. If you are a social media marketer, you should follow these tips to realise more success in your campaign: 


1. Target Correctly 

It is easy to get your ads in front of many people, but a large percentage of them may not be interested in your offers. Instead of targeting large numbers of people, you should try to get your ads to the right...

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The Market Awakens
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We all know what they say is the oldest profession, but the truth is that the oldest profession is sales. Ever since Man has had something to sell, he (or she) has tried to sell it to whoever might have something to offer in return.

Arguably, the 1950s to the 1990s was the heyday or golden age of sales. Huge amounts of commission saw successful sales people among the top earners in the land.

Gradually, this golden age seemed to die away as customers became inured to the 'hard sell' tactics used by salespeople. Being bombarded on all sides with desirable products ended up breeding...

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Twitter’s New Dashboard Simplifies Tweeting for Businesses
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Twitter has released a new Dashboard tool that helps business navigate through the site. There have been complaints in the past concerning the complexity of the social networking site for new users. Twitter provides an opportunity for companies to reach a wide target market, but finding the right way to capitalise on it has always escaped many entrepreneurs. With the social media market growing dramatically, it has become necessary for Twitter to reinvent itself to suit business needs. This Dashboard aims to reduce the learning necessary for companies to adapt to Twitter marketing. It is...

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Analytics Soon to be Available on Instagram
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It's known that Instagram tests an analytics programme called Insights at the moment and the detailed information provided might be of immense use to marketing and data professionals. The Later blog has posted a comprehensive review of the new Insights programme and it's sure to be popular with marketing executives, particularly when combined with Instagram's new Business Profiles service, which is also in test stages at this moment. 

Each Instagram Business Profile provides a chart icon with analytics so it's easy to access follower demographics....

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