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10 Key Marketing Trends in 2017
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2017 looks set to be another record-breaking year. But what are the key marketing trends that will affect the success and sustainability of your business? Read on to find out the marketing trends for 2017, so you can reflect on how your company is prepared to take advantage of these opportunities…

1. Customer Experience
The bigger the business, the more diverse your customer base will be. Finding effective strategies to engage with and maintain your customer base will be an essential component for a successful 2017. One way is to personalise everything…

2. Personalised ...

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Digital Channels dominate among the young population
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In this fragmented media environment, marketers ought to test the types of media to ensure their efficacy in advertising projects; the media that has a large number of desired audiences is thereafter chosen. Though traditional TV still holds a huge audience, it seems to have lost the much-coveted segment of the population; the 18 to 49-year-olds.

According to a report released by Nielsen, traditional TV advertising is still powerful and relevant; commanding the better part of the daily media time. It further states that an average adult in the US spends four and half hours on TV while...

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How Will Brexit Effect the Marketing Industry?
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The political world reeled after the British voting public voted in favour of leaving the European Union. Questions as to what this means financially, socially and philosophically have been shooting backwards and forwards for weeks now, but all we can be sure of is, the world is in for some serious changes.

What Initial Impact Will This Have Financially?

The media industry is a typically international one so any significant changes to trading laws between countries and economic areas will inevitably have a knock on effect for the it. Just this week we have seen a massive drop in the value...

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